DIY globe lamp

Hang the world, then light it up! (DIY)

I had an old illuminated globe that I didn’t use anymore. And I needed a hanging lamp. Tada, the hanging globe lamp. Life can be easy sometimes.

DIY globe lamp

©2011 Kumo (Created by Oliver Vandenbussche)

And while making it, I also thought about this: With a slight modification to the lamp, the globe lights up only half. This way you can see where it’s day and where it’s night. Just throwing it out here..

DIY globe light day night

©2011 Kumo (Created by Oliver Vandenbussche)

3 thoughts on “Hang the world, then light it up! (DIY)

    • Hi Jaclyn,
      I could. But it’s actually really simple. Besides, making something yourself gives great pleasure. I don’t want to take that away from you ;)

      Good luck and have fun with it.

      • I’m rubbish at arts and crafts but I’m gunna give it a go. How did you make the globes so glossy looking? Also did you find there was sufficient light coming from it even thought you hadn’t made a hole in the bottom? :)

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